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At Southwest Gynecological Oncology, each patient is special to us. Together, they can tell more than 4,000 heart warming survivor stories about winning their battle against cancer.

These women put their trust, their faith, and their lives in the care of Dr. Finkelstein and the staff at Southwest Gynecologic Oncology Associates. Give us a call at (505) 843-7813 and we promise you will have more than a fighting chance to share your success story here.


Mother / Attorney Beating the Odds


SWGYNONC patient Michelle Hernandez

“My diagnosis was serious. Stage 3. Dr. Finkelstein explained that gestational cancer is very rare but treatable. It turns out that my cancer is relatively easier to treat than the original diagnosis of cervical cancer.


I am following a definite chemo/drug regimen, and so far it has been responsive. It is going a lot faster than I had anticipated. And that’s good!” Michelle noted happily.

“I was very impressed when I met Dr. Finkelstein. She was relatable. She has two young children and a career. I have two young children and a career. I am only 42, and I recognize that I’m significantly younger than most patients she sees. Dr. Finkelstein understood my situation and what I’m going through. She was great at explaining how the treatments would affect me and my family so we could all adapt.

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Beating Ovarian Cancer Twice


Nancy has fond memories of the nurses and Dr. Finkelstein during her chemotherapy treatments. “Everyone in the office is very compassionate.



I could not ask for kinder, more compassionate people than Dr. Finkelstein, the nurses, and the staff that I’ve met in that office. They were really supportive and as pleasant as could be. They personalize everything. They know your name.

I could go in for my blood tests and get a hug every time. I had never gotten that before. The chemo treatments were longer, but they weren’t uncomfortable. The entire staff made it extremely as comfortable as they could.

After six chemo sessions, I was thrilled when I passed the blood test. I was cancer free and we were able to visit Egypt. That was an exciting trip!”

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Youngest Native American Survivor

Temp Native American

“I didn’t know anything about the clinical trials or what it was going to be like,” Dru noted. “Dr. Finkelstein encouraged me to participate because I’m the youngest Native American in New Mexico to be diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer.


Participating in the clinical trials enables me to help out any other young women who might face this kind of cancer. I don’t want anyone else going through what I am going through. The clinical trials are teaching me how to keep my weight down through diet and exercise and how to keep myself healthy after chemo.

Dr. Finkelstein was great! She was fabulous! Everyone at SWGynOnc was very welcoming, very supportive of me, and of all the patients in their office.”

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Cancer Inspires Spiritual Adventure


“There is nothing wrong in crying when you have cancer,” Carolyn said. “Dr. Finkelstein has always been a comfort to me when it comes to the tears and the unknown. She taught me that cancer isn’t always death.

Carolyn - Peratoneal Cancer Survivor Patient at Southwest Gynecologic Oncology Associates


I never was in pain. Sometimes the chemotherapy is more of a discomfort than the actual cancer. I went to Southwest Gynecologic Oncology for my chemotherapy treatments. The chemo suite is homey. The nurses all get to know you. You get to know them as family because they are so attentive to your needs. That’s wonderful!”

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